James Tuma is a visionary urban designer with a broad skills palette.

He is qualified in urban design, built environments and landscape architecture – disciplines he draws on while coordinating projects, master planning and structure planning, as well as advising on design codes, public realm strategies and public space implementation. Since joining Urbis in 2005, he has worked on significant national and international integrated developments and master planning projects in Australia and Europe – from planning for new communities and townships to designing town centres and public spaces.

James is an advocate for sustainable cities and focuses on imaginative solutions for sites that kindle community passions. He has made outstanding contributions in leading the Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 and master planning for the city’s Queen’s Wharf redevelopment. He also contributes to improving our cities in his role as Adjunct Professor of Design at Queensland University of Technology.

I am passionate about cities. They are complex, fluid and fascinating (permanently temporary) – the stage for our common culture, economy, history and innovation – and the greatest achievement of humankind to date. Effecting positive change in them requires clarity of vision, an inquiring mind and the ability to move quickly when needed.