Urbis has undertaken the Redevelopment Framework for the heart of Rockhampton’s CBD. The project pulls together a raft of strategic efforts by Council and harnesses these along with new thinking, into a clear strategic direction to guide the revitalisation of the CBD over the next 20 years.

The project has involved the full suite of Urbis’ multidisciplinary offer and delivers tailored strategies and prioritised catalyst projects that provides Council and the private sector with a clear road map to focus efforts.

Each of the catalyst projects were evaluated to determine their respective net economic and social impact to determine the priority areas of focus and investment.

The resulting actions will generate maximum uplift, employment and investment opportunity for the CBD.

Core to this work is prioritisation, an investment into place and the quality of the physical environment. The heart of this ambition is articulated in the CBD streetscape strategy which forms a crucial part of the Redevelopment Framework.

The strategy  stimulates foot traffic, visitation and walkability while subsequently driving broader investment and pride in the public realm and streets of the core

The CBD Redevelopment Framework provides the rigour and structure around the activities that will revitalise the city centre of Rockhampton for the next 20 years.