Our population is growing and our cities changing. By necessity and by choice, we’re living more densely and looking for our work and our shops where we live and play. In response, the property development paradigm is shifting.

Government planning policies are shifting too. Many state and local governments now encourage mixed-use urban developments that integrate retail, commercial, leisure and residential elements: shops and restaurants, offices, apartments, theatres, parklands and playing fields.

Responding to the same trends, many shopping centre owners and developers know they need more than shops to attract and retain customers. A shopping mall these days must be a place – an activity centre – in which there’s much more to do than shop.

With our expertise in everything to do with cities and how people want to use them, Urbis is perfectly placed to guide our clients through the challenges of this new era in urban development. Our multidisciplinary approach is well-adapted to the multiple layers entailed in mixed-use developments.

Our planners can help you negotiate the zoning, land-use, sustainability, public benefit, environmental and other regulatory complexities of the approvals process. Our urban designers and landscape architects can make a coherent place out of the many mixed-use parts. Our economists, property professionals, geographers and researchers can help you read and reach your customers and stay ahead of your competitor. Our heritage consultants can conserve buildings and artefacts of historical value on your site.

Urbis understands – or in many ways, is leading – the change across urban Australia.

We know what makes mixed-use projects work. We can help you manage the risks and can help you find the synergies.