27 Sep 2023

September 2023 – September 2025

Urbis’ vision for reconciliation is to be actively involved in embedding First Nations cultures and worldviews into the solutions we create for places and communities.

We believe we can play a leading role in engaging First Nations peoples, communities and organisations in the processes of design, planning and review, and can demonstrate how learning from First Nations stories, histories and connections to land and place enhances the outcomes we create. We aim to foster two-way learning, innovative education and career pathways, and sector-leading collaboration with First Nations peoples and organisations.

We are working towards mutual benefit for First Nations peoples, our organisation and the work we do. Our refreshed Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) proudly builds on our previous RAP and focuses on the areas we believe will make the biggest difference in supporting our journey towards reconciliation.

View Urbis’ Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan:

We are working towards mutual benefit for First Nations peoples, our organisation and the work we do.

We developed our refreshed Innovate RAP in partnership with social change agency Cox Inall Ridgeway with whom we have built a strong relationship that has spanned many years.

Our motivation for continuing our RAP journey is to build on our strengths and the achievements we are proud of, while clarifying the opportunities that exist for us to refine our direction so that our RAP becomes embedded within our DNA.

Some of the important actions within our refreshed RAP:

  • Continue to amplify our understanding, value and recognition of First Nations cultures, histories, knowledge and rights through cultural learning. 
  • Improve employment outcomes by increasing First Nations recruitment, retention and professional development.
  • Increase First Nations supplier diversity to support improved economic and social outcomes
  • Contribute to activities that support First Nations self-determination in relation to land use planning and development

We are pleased to have received formal endorsement from Reconciliation Australia on our Innovate RAP in 2023 and are proud to be recognised as a member of the RAP network.

Click here to view Urbis’ Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

  • Glen Power – Director, Brisbane (Lead – Cultural Learning)
  • Karen Wright –Regional Director, Western Australia (Lead – Employment)
  • Kris Nolan –Director, Perth (Lead – Engagement)
  • Christina Griffiths – Associate Director, Sydney (Lead – Policy and Protocols)
  • Sam Allsop – Director, Sydney (Lead – RAP Communications and Reporting; Representative – Diversity & Inclusion Board)
  • Jessica Greer – Senior Marketing & Communications Consultant, Melbourne
  • Danielle Stein – Group Office Services Manager, Brisbane
  • Ashleigh Cantori – Diversity & Capability Specialist, Sydney
  • James Tuma – Managing Partner, Brisbane (RAP Champion)
  • Christian Hampson – Chief Executive Officer, Yerrabingin (First Nations Representative)