Working with clients in the public and private sector, Urbis has helped change the shape – and improve the experience – of health and aged care in Australia. We help you understand changing demographics and market dynamics; we engage with your communities and stakeholders; we master plan, design and advise on every aspect of the development and expansion of health and aged-care facilities; and we analyse and evaluate health and aged-care policy, programs and service delivery.

Vision and strategy to supporting health system and facility planning

Urbis teams have worked with governments, public and private healthcare providers, hospitals and primary care facilities institutions to plan for and design health precincts, campuses and facilities in Australia and internationally.

Strategic workforce planning and health needs assessments

Urbis has worked extensively with governments and private healthcare providers to ensure high-quality healthcare is readily available to meet community needs.

Provision of evidence-based, patient-centred models of care

Urbis has developed and refined models of care and service delivery models to support quality healthcare experience and outcomes for all.  

Ensuring equity in healthcare access and equality in outcomes

We have developed strategies and frameworks for governments and healthcare providers to ensure our healthcare system meets the needs of the most vulnerable.

Building a healthcare system that works

We help healthcare leaders understand how well health systems are working, including through measuring and evaluating the effectiveness and impact of health facilities, programs and initiatives. This work has a particular focus on the intersection between primary an acute care.

Health & Aged Care
Health & Aged Care
Health & Aged Care
Health & Aged Care