Urbis have recently completed a visionary master plan for the University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia campus and UQ’s associated landholdings. The master plan provides the strategic framework for the planning and development of the campus over the next 20 years. Through the master planning process, Urbis have strategized a clear direction for the institution and formed a harmonised ambition into a series of consolidated deliverable spatial strategies. 

The process was underpinned by a program of early engagement with stakeholders and the local community, which ensured the Master Plan’s directions were responsive to both emerging global market opportunities and local community dynamics. The master plan positions UQ and its physical assets in line with future trends in education, the changing nature and role of students and how they want to study and learn in the future, as well as how the University will adapt and participate in the progressing digital economy.

A Site Development Plan is currently being prepared, and together with the Master Plan, the two documents will replace the 2006 Site Development Plan and inform strategic development and investment for the campus in the future.

The aim of the master plan is to provide a strategic framework for the planning and development of the St Lucia campus over the next 20 years.