Urbis has worked on some of Australia’s largest and highest profile residential developments. But our expertise and experience extend across the whole sector.

Our planners, urban designers, landscape architects, geographers, property valuers, market analysts, social and consumer researchers, and community engagement specialists help clients in the public and private sectors conceive, plan and develop:

  • new community developments
  • public housing
  • retirement living
  • student accommodation
  • high-, medium- and low-density housing.

Local and state governments turn to Urbis for advice on housing policy and evaluation of relevant programs. Our understanding of policy settings and priorities in the sector – for example, housing affordability, urban renewal, mixed-use development, sustainability, diversity, and heritage and conservation values – informs our advice to private sector developers, and helps them manage risk and achieve commercial returns while meeting their social and environmental obligations.

We can walk you through every stage of the development process: site location and analysis, rezoning, development approval, urban design, streetscape and open space design, landscape architecture, infrastructure changes, environmental impact assessment, sustainability, social housing and affordable housing issues, and community consultation. We have the skill sets and knowledge to deal with every issue that may arise.

We help you think strategically about your property assets and projects – drawing, in particular, on our research capacity and our knowledge of the sector right across the country. We help you understand your market, your competitors, your site and your customers to position your residential development for success.