Connecting places and communities.

Digital connectivity, smart technology and urban data are transforming the way we think of places, how we live in them, and how we plan for and shape them to meet our goals. At Urbis, we are at the forefront of integrating technologies into the processes through which smart places are created.

Resident and visitor expectations of quality urban experiences increasingly demand connectivity, equitable access and personalised services. Digital infrastructure and services enable improved place management and can provide enhanced liveability, sustainability, amenity and inclusion.

Cities globally are grappling with the advent of fast-moving technological change, and the policy, regulatory and social innovations that they leave in their wake. We understand the critical and comprehensive nature of the challenge: Cities are increasingly reliant on digital connectivity and innovation enabling infrastructure to achieve their social, economic and sustainability objectives.

The smart city journey is characterised by an extremely dynamic landscape, and highly disruptive innovations that have comprehensive transformative implications across organisations and urban systems. Very little is left untouched, and this can sometimes make it difficult to know where to start, or to make meaningful progress when the going gets tough.

We know cities and communities. We are experts in urban strategy, policy, analysis, planning and transformational and innovative models of change. Our specialists have deep experience in city technology and telecommunications infrastructure, urban data applications and digital services. We draw upon our interdisciplinary strength to ensure integrated approaches that navigate complexity and achieve outcomes. 

At Urbis we work to support all city shapers including government, precincts/campuses, developers, place makers, technology vendors. Our services are calibrated to the needs of towns and regions as well as cities. 

We can guide your future project: 

  • Smart City Strategy and Implementation 
  • Smart infrastructure planning and investment 
  • Innovation precincts and ecosystems 
  • Living Labs and innovation testbeds  
  • Digital transformation and policy advisory  
  • Converged and applied data strategy and solutions 
  • Pilot design, management and evaluation 
  • Innovation programming and stakeholder engagement 
Digital & Innovation
Digital & Innovation
Digital & Innovation
Digital & Innovation