We have realised a significant step toward the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. After 18 months of concerted and collaborative effort from our talented Future State team, all of the Games Delivery Partners and the community, “Elevate 2042”, the Brisbane 2032 Legacy Strategy has been released. Feedback from the International Olympic Committee – IOC and International Paralympic Committee is that this strategy set a new global benchmark for legacy thinking for all future games.
The strategy identifies the areas of focus for transformational change during the lead into, and for the years beyond 2032. This will be followed up by the first generation of an ongoing implementation plan targeting the specific projects, programs and policies that will drive the desired impact across Brisbane, South East Queensland, Queensland, Australia and the Oceania Region.

Whilst 2032 is our moment to shine, 2042 is the future that strategic legacy thinking can create!

Read Elevate 2042.