19 Feb 2020

Australian cities need transformational change to meet future challenges. Introducing Urbis’ new offer, Future State and Director, Kate Meyrick.

Leading Australian city shapers, Urbis, today announces the appointment of Kate Meyrick, formerly CEO of The Hornery Institute, to the role of Director in the newly launched service offering, Future State. Kate, a passionate urbanist and place maker, joins Urbis Group Director James Tuma in leading this new strategic advisory unit.

Australian cities rank highly on a global stage and are growing faster than ever before1 – however, thinking behind them has arguably stagnated meaning they are ill-equipped to face the remainder of this century.

Australia needs to look beyond political cycles and risk averse approaches to ensure our future success.

James Tuma View Profile

James Tuma said “Tomorrow’s great cities are born out of bold thinking today. Cities such as Singapore and London are successful because they made brave decisions ten years ago and have delivered on a long-term vision – something which Australia is yet to do, consistently.

“The recent environmental crisis facing the country should act as a lightning rod for new thinking to build resilient, competitive and thriving cities. Australia needs to look beyond political cycles and risk adverse approaches to ensure our future success.”

Drawing together visionary strategists, planners, business, government and communities –supported by the breadth of Urbis’ network – Future State is a strategic advisory unit bringing fresh ideas to the most complex urban challenges. The team has outstanding global proficiency in this space including reconfiguring the urban economics of Germany’s regional towns, rejuvenating Singapore’s urban centres and building cutting edge precincts in Silicon Valley.  

We need bold and purposeful approaches to tackle the macro-challenges facing our cities.

Kate Meyrick View Profile

Kate Meyrick said “There is growing tension in Australian cities caused by short-term planning and leadership decisions. We need bold and purposeful approaches to tackle the macro-challenges facing our cities such as climate change, technological progress and density.

“Applying learnings from our work around the world, we’ll take an optimistic view on how our cities can evolve and adapt to the issues that face them.”

Kate brings over 25 years of international experience to Urbis, having worked on complex city shaping, urban regeneration and large-scale greenfield community projects across seventeen cities in four continents – working regularly in London, Singapore and the San Francisco-Bay Area.

It is this global proficiency that makes Future State fluent in the issues that influence the growth, prosperity and productivity of our cities.

As part of the new offering Urbis will work with Australia’s leading thinkers and city shapers on a bold Australia plan.

Click here to find out more information about Future State. 

1. 2018 Creating Great Australian Cities report.