Powering our low carbon future.

Urbis has worked with the public and private sector to deliver renewable energy projects that will power cities and communities in a low carbon future. 

Following Australia’s National and State and Territories Governments commitment to net zero gas emissions by 2050, there is an accelerating transition away from fossil fuelled power stations. As our nation grows there is a need to find alternative reliable and sustainable energy sources, resulting in unprecedented investment in solar, wind, hydrogen, and large-scale energy storage facilities (batteries or pumped hydro). 

At Urbis, we work on energy infrastructure projects of all sizes, with a well-deserved reputation as experts in delivering complex energy projects across Australia. Drawing on our multi-disciplinary team of property acquisition, planning expertise, and project management – we can lead your energy infrastructure project from concept development through to completion. 

We recognise the challenges and opportunities new energy infrastructure faces and the nuances between State and Territory policies. We can guide you through selecting suitable sites for acquisition based on your project parameters and informed through due diligence to secure the right path forward. 

We are expert planners in undertaking environmental assessment for renewable energy projects with local planners to assist in navigating local planning complexities. We can also provide expert witness and court work litigation services, and can help you meet community, political and regulatory requirements to achieve your goals. 

We can power your project: 

  • Site identification 
  • Site acquisition 
  • Due diligence 
  • Feasibility 
  • Assessment and selection of O&M providers 
  • Document management 
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Planning and environmental application approvals 
  • Post approval 
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Energy & Renewables
Energy & Renewables
Energy & Renewables