Designing cities and places is a process of integrating built form, the public realm, transport infrastructure, open space, and human activity – and shaping them into CBDs, neighbourhoods, communities, retail precincts, town squares, campuses, centres, and spaces that work.

At Urbis, you’ll find highly awarded urban designers and landscape architects, who are some of the country’s leading creative thinkers influencing the shaping of cities. We’ll help you develop site-specific urban strategies and public realm designs that stitch cities together, optimise place performance and create destinations that make places that live and work, inspire and reward.

A collaborative approach sets our design advice apart. We listen to our clients’ needs, we dedicate ourselves to their vision, and we draw on our expertise – from economics to community engagement – to help clients in the public and private sectors design high‑performing, liveable urban landscapes.

Our imaginative and intelligent design solutions balance community interests, government priorities, heritage values, the constraints of the natural terrain and existing built environments, economic imperatives, infrastructure requirements and land-use patterns to deliver places that inspire the people who live and work in them.

We work across the spectrum of design: from strategic visioning to implementation. We’ve worked on every kind of urban project: retail centres, master plans, new communities, revitalisation and renewal of cities.