Urbis’ team of multidisciplinary policy advisors bring exceptional analytical, strategic and technical skills to ensure our clients can design, implement, evaluate and improve policies and programs.

Communities are ever-changing, and building healthy, resilient, accessible and safe communities requires integrated solutions. Our clients – federal, state and local governments, NGOs, businesses, and professional bodies – confront problems no single discipline can address. We help bring clarity to complex policy and systems challenges.

We lead you from problems to possibilities.

Working in partnership with our clients, we provide rigorous understanding of the social, economic and environmental drivers, and the associated costs and benefits to inform future decision-making.


Our experience across built, social and economic environments lets us tailor solutions for our clients, backed by evidence and analysis. We focus on achieving the best possible social outcomes while delivering a return on investment.

Our team is a market leader in policy advice and evaluation, guiding clients on a variety of social issues, including:

  • health and social wellbeing, including health service access and quality, system reform, workforce planning, social inclusion
  • education and employment, including the primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational sectors
  • community safety, on our streets and in our homes, including family violence
  • disability and inclusion, such as evaluation of programs to support people living with disability, and the development of disability inclusion guidelines and action plans
  • urban and housing issues, such as housing affordability and urban renewal
  • sustainability and environmental issues, such as energy efficiency, social impact assessments, and community consultation for land-use planning.