Social and Policy Research

Our public policy, economic policy and social planning specialists advise public, private and not-for-profit sector clients on all aspects of social services and programs, helping Australian society thrive and grow.

Urbis’ social researchers, social planners and economists provide expert research and advice to ensure that our clients have the robust evidence they need to make the best possible commercial, strategic, and socially responsible decisions.

Combining academic rigour with a passion for understanding and a focus on our clients’ needs, our research professionals bring a creative, multi-disciplinary approach to resolving challenges across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Our team holds a deep knowledge on a wide array of issues that affect communities and cities. We work with NGOs, governments and private sector firms to bring clarity to their decision-making across a range of areas: health, social services, disability, community safety, education, environment, employment, property, defence, housing, justice and infrastructure.

Urbis’ researchers provide the market intelligence that helps governments to make prudent decisions about the use of public funds, non-government and community organisations to provide the best services for their clients, and private sector firms to make wise investments.

Property Market Research

No matter what type of property you are involved with, it is critical to have an intimate knowledge of your markets and customers to create sustainable, competitive advantage.

We can show you who your customers are, what they’re thinking and where they are spending their time and money. These insights are based on in-depth analysis of demographic and psychographic data, lifestyle and leisure trends, purchasing patterns and preferences.

We are leaders in the field of shopping centre and retail research, residential positioning, product development research, and commercial office tenant needs assessments.

Our retail expertise covers national and international markets and global consumer trends.

Industry Research

As specialist advisors in the retail and residential sectors, we keep our finger on the pulse through extensive industry research and monitoring.

We have the most comprehensive databases on retail centre performance and an in-house team of analysts who monitor markets and performance trends. We scour the world for best practise examples of retail and mixed-use developments through regular study tours and our international specialists.

Urbis’ annual publication Shopping Centre Benchmarks tracks the performance of centres on behalf of Australia’s shopping centre industry. Within the residential sector, the Urbis Apartment Market Essentials series of reports provides developers with the latest information on apartment developments in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

We have developed the most comprehensive database of student accommodation covering Australia and New Zealand.