Because everything we do is about people, places and communities, governments turn to us for research, evaluation and advice across all portfolio areas.

We advise local, state and federal governments and government agencies on policy issues and initiatives in health, housing, land use, education, environment, employment, justice, taxation, defence and transport.

With Urbis, you can access a vast range of expertise. We have the resources and the depth of expertise to run the detailed, comprehensive social and environmental studies governments require.

We understand the dynamics of the public sector and the scrutiny policymakers are under to deliver results that make a difference to the lives of Australians, in real time and on budget.

Though we partner with government clients, they value our advice for its independence, insight, probity and practicality.

We help our public sector clients across Australia with market research and literature reviews; policy and program reviews; social research and community engagement; impact assessments; feasibility studies; economic assessments; media strategies; project management; and design, planning and heritage advice.

Our expertise guides government decision-making and helps the public sector work harder and smarter for all of us.