If your needs relate to people, property and places – to where we live, how we live there and how we might live better – Urbis is the place to turn.

When you work with us, you get the benefit of our expertise across all these service areas.


Good design turns spaces into places.

Economics & Property

Our clients turn to Urbis for robust and insightful economic and property advice.


Working alongside you to maximise shared interests and manage risks.

Future State

The movement behind the bold, vibrant and thriving cities of tomorrow.


Conserving heritage values for future generations.


Planning made easy on complex projects.


Helping you find solutions to the toughest policy and strategy problems.


Our research helps inform solutions to complex policy, property and social challenges.

Smart & Sustainable Places

We provide lasting solutions to create a more resilient and better future.

Transaction Advisory & Management

Make the right property decisions at the right time.


We help you work out much more than what your property’s worth.


Helping commerce prosper.

Digital & Innovation

Helping build the digital communities of tomorrow.


Making education work for all.

Energy & Renewables

Powering our future.


Helping governments improve lives.

Health & Aged Care

Shaping a healthier Australia where we grow old with grace.


Helping industry work smarter and harder for all of us.


Urbis helps you design great infrastructure, so you can build great places.

Mixed use

Changing the way Australians live, work, shop and play.


Helping build the places Australians want to live in.


Urbis is where the shopping centres of Australia turn to for advice.

Tourism & Leisure

Creating destinations people want to travel to.