We look at our clients’ commercial projects from every angle to help them realise their vision and get the best business outcomes.

We advise vendors, purchasers and developers on commercial projects small and large. We help you understand and get the best from your property assets; we provide expert valuations; and we help you make the right decisions – to buy, to sell, to lease, to develop, to divest – at the right time. We provide policy advice to governments, and we advise developers on government policy.

At Urbis you get the benefit of our multidisciplinary approach. From valuation, economic advice, research and strategic planning to urban planning, policy analysis, urban design and project management, we’ll guide your commercial development every step of the way.

 Our advice is independent, holistic and astute.

We help you understand your markets and your customers, engage with your stakeholders, position your projects for success, and negotiate your social and policy environments.

Our guidance makes our clients agile. It helps them plan for emerging business and social trends, seize opportunities, manage risk, meet regulatory requirements and policy objectives, and shape developments that reshape the commercial sector itself.

We help you look ahead; we help you choose the right time to move, the right move to make and the right place to make it in.