Ben Slack is one of Queensland leading urban planners with over 28 years’ experience. Ben believes that cities are for people and that planners and their clients have an obligation to make the places and spaces within cities liveable and sustainable.

Ben is an advisor to both the private and public sector and specialises in the management of large development projects as well as the preparation of planning policy. Ben loves being involved in large City Shaping projects that are either infill, greenfield or infrastructure based and whose positive influence on communities will be experienced for many generations. Ben prides himself on making the complex become simple and achieving his clients’ goals and objectives.

Ben actively seeks to work on those projects that have the largest impact upon the shape of our cities. Large precinct based projects such as Queens Wharf, Millennium Square, 300 George Street, the RNA redevelopment and Buranda TOD are catalytic in nature and help positively shape the future of Brisbane and Queensland.

His particular areas of expertise includes:

  • development planning for major projects including large mixed use developments, residential developments and retail establishments
  • planning instrument preparation including local area plans, master plans, development control plans, planning schemes and planning policies
  • infrastructure planning (especially large scale transport projects and telecommunications planning)
  • community consultation and agency liaison in planning instrument formulation and development planning and the compilation and management of major environmental impact statements for development projects

Working on, unlocking and facilitating large City Shaping projects that will be experienced for many generations to come is my passion.