The deployment of Telstra’s national 3G network was, at the time, the fastest rollout in the world. Known as ‘Project Jersey’, it aimed to provide high-speed data services to 97 per cent of Australians ­– from the city to the country.

After being contracted as Telstra’s equipment vendor and project manager, Ericsson turned to Urbis to provide property and town planning services. The Australia-wide rollout involved upgrades to more than 5,000 sites. With our national reach and multidisciplinary expertise, we could deploy our resources to meet the project’s demanding needs.

Urbis’ telecommunications team completed 2,000 sites spread across the eastern states of Australia while skilfully managing the project’s aggressive timelines. With our support, Telstra’s 3G network was ‘on air’ in record time – only nine months.

Urbis’ telecommunications expertise and national reach helped Telstra and Ericsson complete an Australia-wide 3G network rollout in record time.