Dr Nathaniel Bavinton is an urban sociologist and city strategist with 15 years’ experience researching, planning and implementing urban and social innovation. Nathaniel provides deep insights from over a decade in the local Government sector managing smart places, economic development, sustainability, innovation, night-time economy and place activation portfolios.

Nathaniel led the development and implementation of the multi award- winning Newcastle Smart City Initiative, recognised in 2021 by the World Economic Forum and G20 Smart City Alliance as a global leader. He delivers strategic frameworks with a focus on innovative and interdisciplinary problem-solving, and insights-led transformation.

His approach is driven by a highly collaborative outcomes based methodology, data-driven and evidence-based analysis, the evaluation and application of emerging technologies, and a capacity to deliver shared value.

Nathaniel’s focus is to assist clients navigate complex challenges in creating technology and data-enabled places, and sustainable, future focused cities and communities.

I specialise in bringing together cutting-edge ideas and emerging technologies to help my clients solve the complex urban challenges facing cities