Sheryll’s career has spanned the banking, mining, property, telecommunications/communications, energy and renewable energy sectors. 

With a property qualification and a solid background in contract and project management, Sheryll has diverse technical and management skills.

Sheryll is highly skilled in site acquisition, leasing, stakeholder engagement and project strategy and is an expert in communications infrastructure deployment.

For the past 18 years, Sheryll has held senior roles in the telecommunications industry leading the successful delivery of key technology roll-outs for carriers, equipment vendors and infrastructure owners.   During that time Sheryll has also led the acquisition strategy for the NSW Government’s emergency services radio network project.

Over the past 3 years, Sheryll has directed acquisition projects in the electricity and renewable energy sectors.  This work has involved the acquisition of easements along “corridors” for the purposes of extending the electricity grid to new renewable energy developments or for communications infrastructure to monitor the performance of the electricity grid. 

My aim is to make innovation and strategic thinking a part of how we work, challenging and refreshing our approach in a way that allows us to deliver greater value and efficiency for our clients.