Urbis prepared a comprehensive evidence-based report to support the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) as it sets out plans for each of Sydney’s six districts – Central, West Central, West, North, South West and South.

The report, commissioned by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, examines each of the 41 local government areas (LGA) that make up Sydney’s six districts. Its accessibility index identifies a number of districts and LGAs that – despite having good access to transport, amenities and employment opportunities – have lower levels of investment and dwelling completions.

Urbis’ report will help ensure these areas are prioritised for housing developments as part of the GSC’s district planning. It will also mean that existing infrastructure and opportunities can be used in a more cost-effective way, helping to ensure public sector investments are better targeted to maximise returns.

Urbis’ work will help ensure areas of Sydney with good access to transport, employment opportunities and amenities are prioritised for housing developments.