The challenge set for Urbis was to provide the NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) with a comprehensive renewal strategy for their diverse and wide spread social housing portfolio across the Central Coast. A key focus of this strategy was to facilitate a deconcentration of stock and to improve overall housing suitability and quality.

With over 4,442 individual housing assets to consider, Urbis developed a robust assessment methodology and analytics tool that amplified the value of the expansive datasets within the LAHC together with a wide range of spatial datasets.

The Asset Strategy Model applied decision criterion to each asset that provided a decision to hold, sell or redevelop and allowed for portfolio wide financial and stock balance implications to be measured over a 20-year period.

Urbis produced a comprehensive strategy document that was designed to be broken into precinct specific strategies designed to facilitate pragmatic implementation at a local level.

We were able to leverage our strengths in analytics to develop a robust evidence-based framework delivering a financial and social dividend.