Urbis has been engaged by Hunter Development Corporation to prepare a Public Domain Plan for the last remaining area of Honeysuckle. The Plan will unlock the latent potential of this important site for redevelopment and deliver unparalleled community benefit.

Urbis’ Urban Designers and Landscape Architects are currently designing a public domain master plan for the last remaining undeveloped land on the Honeysuckle harbourside. 

The master plan integrates three large urban waterfront parklands, waterside promenades, public plazas, event spaces and all streets and laneways. 

The master plan has been informed by community and stakeholder engagement, led by Urbis

Consultation team, an integrated retail strategy by the Urbis’ Economists and a heritage review by the Urbis’ Heritage consultants.

The focus of the project is to unlock the waterfront potential through a hierarchy of public domain destinations which include:

  • A permeable waterfront edge and promenade;
  • Waterfront public parks with a focus on environmental restoration, sustainability and community;
  • A network of flexible event ready cultural and community urban spaces;
  • A celebration of the heritage buildings;
  • Publicly accessible rooftops and
  • Grand and intimate connections back to the CBD.