Rhys Quick is an economic property consultant specialising in economic supply and demand analyses in the retail, entertainment and leisure, and mixed use sectors. 
He has consulted for many of the major property groups in Australia and New Zealand, including shopping centre owners, retailers, entertainment providers and property developers in all sectors. He also has experience working with various government authorities in delivering significant infrastructure projects and community outcomes. He is an expert at undertaking market demand studies, forecasting inputs to development feasibility, and assessing the economic impact of new developments.  
Since he joined Urbis in 1999, Rhys has been a key consultant on the development of the Chadstone Shopping Centre; this work is a long-term highlight of his career. Other achievements include advising on the 10-year, $11 billion Melbourne Metro Rail Project and delivering the industry standard Urbis Shopping Centre Benchmarks on an annual basis. Rhys also regularly acts as an economic expert witness before Victorian planning tribunals and panels, and the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

I find it exciting being involved from the early stages in significant property projects, watching as they develop and are finally delivered, ultimately changing the way people live, work and play.