Urbis were commissioned by Hobart International Airport Pty Ltd (HIAPL) to carry out an important first step in the master planning process – the preparation of a Strategic Land Use Plan – for the entire Airport landholding.

The Land Use Plan embodies the One Urbis spirit by bringing together the economic, design and planning teams to provide a bespoke and targeted research and design piece for the client.

The in-depth body of work undertaken by Urbis builds on the Airport’s growth ambition and drive to coordinate development while being agile enough to respond to opportunistic enquiries. Informed by an assessment of planning controls environmental considerations and current and future market conditions, the Land Use Plan provides a market tested vision and flexible development framework.

This serves as a tool to better inform future development decisions for the airport.

A truly integrated ‘One Urbis’ approach provided Hobart Airport with a clear growth strategy that considered regulatory, market and physical opportunities and constraints.