Kylie Newcombe is a research and customer insights specialist. She helps property owners and developer learn more about their customers – who they are, what they think, what they want. And her insights help to tell a story that shapes every aspect of a project – from master planning to development.

A trusted advisor to the residential and retail sectors, Kylie is committed to creating better places to live. Her research – both qualitative and quantitative – has been used to profile customer demographics and preferences, and inform project positioning and community strategies. She works across the whole spectrum of housing from student accommodation, apartments, greenfield housing, retirement and build-to-rent, and at all price points from entry level to prestige projects in iconic locations.

The research is used to guide thinking and decision making related to design, positioning and brand development.

I believe the needs, values and aspirations of people are at the heart of great design. My work is to capture those insights through research.