16 Nov 2023

The 2023 edition of the Urbis Shopping Centre Benchmarks is now available. Subscribe today to shape tomorrow!

The Urbis Shopping Centre Benchmarks has been essential reading for the retail and shopping centre industry for 32 years.

We have a record number of centres from across the country included in the sample this year, with 500 centres reporting $86.3 billion worth of turnover. 

Our interactive dashboard has the details you need to better understand and benchmark your shopping centres’ performance against multiple metrics.

Save time and share results with your team faster with our online dashboard, hosted on Loop.

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Compare metrics by category
  • Add data over time

The Benchmarks series draws on our property economics and market research expertise to provide an accurate picture of shopping centre performance and tenant mix across Australia. We identify the fastest growing speciality categories, outline the size and composition of centres across Australia, and provide insight into the evolution of shopping centres including the impact of international mini-major stores and non-retail uses.

Our work with the retail sector draws on our expertise across the board. We know the sector and its drivers better than anyone.

We’ve helped clients develop, expand and improve the performance of shopping centres for more than 32 years.

Our work with the retail sector draws on our expertise across the board – from planning and design, to community consultation and economics – but all our work is underpinned by our research capability. We know the sector and its drivers better than anyone.

We track the changing market forces and consumer trends and we understand the demographics and the global trends.

All of this means we can help our clients improve the shopping experience and respond to rapidly changing shopper demands.

We help our clients prepare for – and shape – the future of retail environments.

Take advantage of the opportunity to measure and drive your shopping centre’s high performance, as well as address changing community and investor needs.

The following Benchmark data sets are available:

  • Regional
  • Sub-regional
  • CBD
  • Supermarket centres
Purchase one report or the set by downloading our order form. Complete, sign and return to us at benchmarks@urbis.com.au.

Please contact us to discuss any custom benchmarks sets that can be produced using the Urbis Shopping Centre Benchmarks data.

Director Rhys Quick  is your key Shopping Centre Benchmarks contact.

To find out how Urbis can help you on your next retail project, simply contact any of our experts below.

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