17 Nov 2023

We are facing a nationwide housing supply crisis that has all levels of government straining to find solutions. Pre-existing discussions have identified planning to be a crucial factor in addressing the housing supply crisis. With its various restrictions on developments, planning has the potential to be a key player in revitalising Australia’s housing supply.

Enter The National Planning Reform Blueprint (the Blueprint), which adopts a multifaceted approach to introduce planning reform actions that will drive change with the aim to boost housing supply across the country. The Blueprint encourages the development of medium and high-density housing in well-connected areas to provide sustainable homes in thriving communities.

While the objectives set forward in the Blueprint are both logical and commendable, it’s important to acknowledge that we aren’t approaching them from a place of equality. There are stark differences between existing planning systems, levels of demand, and physical demands across our different jurisdictions.

A group of Urbis experts have weighed in on what the proposed planning reforms mean Australia-wide. Thanks to our subject matter experts around the country, we are in the unique position to apply a national lens over planning reform and delve into what it means for each jurisdiction.

In our report, A National Perspective of Planning Reform, we have outlined the unique circumstances of each state and territory and how they will need to reach the objectives accordingly.

You can read our summary of the Blueprint, as well as our insights on what each state should prioritise, here: 

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