22 Nov 2023

The issues facing our cities and regions are immense. A severe undersupply of affordable housing, growing inequity, inadequate public transport, connectivity and climate change consequences, to name a few.

Our way of life is not in jeopardy. Living is.

In the past 12 months, there has been an increased focus on the liveability pressures facing communities across NSW, and indeed nationally. From a governance perspective, there are challenges in stewarding a path in an environment where climate uncertainty and social fragility are testing the resilience and sustainability of our cities and communities.

What could be achieved if solutions were designed from a place of partnership?

Understanding we need practical, implementable, and impactful solutions, Urbis called on the brainpower of leaders from diverse backgrounds, spanning private, public, academic, professional services and for-purpose sectors. These creative and analytical thinkers came together in Sydney on 23 August 2023 at Urbis’ event, ‘Challenging an Uncertain Future: Co-creating Practical and Effective Solutions’.

Together, we workshopped what could be achieved if solutions were designed from a place of partnership. This thinking requires us all to change the way we overcome barriers to collaborative problem solving, transforming how we approach our policymaking, business, and governance. This document synthesises the outcomes of the event, highlighting the primary obstacles and defining a plan to triumph over them. 

Download the full paper here: Partnership for Prosperity


Prosperity for all is reliant on effective partnerships. We’re ready for action. Are you? 

Contact us to discuss how we will achieve practical, implementable, and effective solutions, together. 

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