24 Nov 2023

There is seriously high demand and low supply for housing across all types throughout Australia. This availability will only worsen if we, as a nation, maintain this trajectory.

With 122,000 Australians currently recorded as homeless, and 393,900 households experiencing rental stress in the lower 50% of incomes, working towards a resolution to the housing crisis is critical.

In an intensive workshop with the Australasian Housing Insititute and CBRE, we sifted through the nuances of our current housing situation and tested real-life scenarios to uncover the best way forward.

Our thinking:

  1. The housing shortfall will worsen with business as usual.
  2. Collaboration is key to successful delivery.
  3. There are innovative opportunities ahead – and they are not ‘one-size-fits-all’.

What we uncovered:

  • Consolidation simplifies operations and partnerships.
  • Councils can support providers beyond the planning stage.
  • Land transfers may be more beneficial than ground leases.
  • Providers can assist developers in the burgeoning build-to-rent market.

Following this insightful workshop, we came together to create a report for the industry. ‘Delivering Affordable Housing: Opportunities for Councils, Developers and Providers’ highlights opportunities to overcome some of the barriers experienced by those who deliver housing.

To find out more, download the report here: