7 Mar 2023

Last week, along with Business Sydney and Sydney City Police Area Command we launched our 10-point plan on improving women’s engagement in Sydney’s night-time economy.

As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we must take every opportunity to revitalise our economy – and improving female participation in the night-time economy is key.

Our 10-point plan covers everything from improving features of the built environment such as lighting and safe areas to broadening the range of activities offered and improving safety on public transport. It highlights the issues holding women back from being able to fully engage in the night-time economy. It illustrates the perception of safety, or a lack thereof, which is deeply engrained in the life experience of many women.

There are several impediments that stand in the way of women being able to fully participate in the night-time economy. These barriers include:

  • What’s on and where?
  • Data on the reality of crime?
  • Limited services and amenities
  • Built environment
  • Lacking Diversity
  • Transport and accessibility


Improving Women’s Engagement with the Night-Time Economy is a topic very close to my heart. As an economist anything that can boost, and unleash the power of our economy gets me excited. And, as a woman I live and breathe the challenges that are articulated in our report. 

Princess Ventura,
Regional Director


Preliminary findings in a Safe Cities Program survey1 by Transport for NSW reported that 59 per cent of women do not feel safe after dark in public spaces, and nine in ten women agreed that safety influences how they move around. It will take bold and concerted action to address these shocking statistics and change such deeply entrenched, justified concerns.

[1] https://www.haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/safer-cities

Women have waited long enough for change – so let’s make it happen now!

Download our 10-point plan to find out the actions the government must take to improve women’s engagement in the night time economy.


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