8 Oct 2018

Last month, Darwin played host to the annual Property Congress. Hundreds of the property industry’s finest descended upon the NT, including many of our own #cityshaper team.

Delegates were treated to some memorable insights into leadership from those within and outside the property industry, including Nina Yang, Rebecca Huntley and New Zealand’s ex-PM, Rt Hon Sir John Key.

This year, amid heightened public discussion around issues such as population and growth, the Congress agenda focussed on the bigger picture. Presenters and panellists provided a powerful reminder of the special responsibility we have as an industry to influence policies and decisions which have a real impact on the lives of people who live and work in the communities we build.

At Urbis, our goal is to shape cities and communities for a better future. It is something we achieve by drawing together some of the brightest minds. Together, we can influence amazing outcomes. An example of our ambition in action is the recent Creating Great Australian Cities research. A landmark report produced in partnership by Urbis with the Property Council of Australia, and cities expert Greg Clark, Dr Tim Moonen and their colleagues at The Business of Cities Ltd. Learn more about this report and its recommendations here

How do international cities successfully manage change and growth? What can Australia learn from international markets to better shape our future cities and communities?

At this year’s Property Congress, Cistri Regional Director, Peter Hyland spoke with Nina Yang, Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Urban Development, Ascendas-Singbridge, about Singapore’s outlook. Nina explained how this established global city has evolved into an inclusive, liveable and vibrant city for people.  

“Prudent land use planning and land management has enabled Singapore to enjoy strong economic growth and social cohesion,” Yang said.

Nina Yang and Peter Hyland. All images courtesy of Property Council of Australia.

How do we create more integrated communities? How do we build more resilience in our communities and cities? Watch as Stephen White tells the Property Council what excites him the most about the future of Australian cities.

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