Peter Fitzgerald is a planner with 20 years’ experience in the public and private sectors, including five years as an urban designer.

He is experienced in the full suite of planning processes, from structure planning to local development plans and development applications. Peter is passionate about achieving community health and wellbeing through effective planning and design.

Before he came to Urbis, Peter worked in planning roles for local and state government, and as a consultant planner. His background gives him an intimate knowledge of the approvals process and the regulatory environment, as well as a strong understanding and appreciation of contemporary urban design practices and principles.

Peter’s recent career highlights include working on the Integrated Urban Design Review for Catalina Estate; helping LandCorp realise the St Johns Wood urban infill project; and winning approval for the Bunbury Centre Point expansion, which will transform the Bunbury city centre.

The core principle that underpins planning hasn’t changed since the profession began; it’s all about people and ensuring their health and wellbeing. Where and how they live and work, how they get around, where they shop and how they interact in spaces should all relate back to this fundamental.