22 May 2018

Our cities are growing exponentially.

Never has it been more crucial to establish integrated policies and plans that promote collaboration and innovation. But first, we need to understand how well Australian cities are managing change and growth, and what can be done better.

Urbis has partnered with the Property Council of Australia, and cities expert Greg Clark, Dr Tim Moonen and their colleagues at The Business of Cities Ltd., to produce a comprehensive report. The goal, to incite meaningful dialogue among our communities, key decision-makers and industry – ultimately to create great Australian cities. And this week, we launch this landmark research.

Creating Great Australian Cities evaluates how Australian cities stack up against global peers – and what we can learn from them to manage the challenges of change. The report sets out both the foundations for creating great Australian cities and recommendations to strengthen the Australian policy toolkit. It is intended to support policymakers, urban planners and government bodies to form a stronger and clearer vision for the future of Australia’s cities.

We all have a role in shaping Australian cities for a better future. Everyone has a voice in this essential conversation.

Find out more about this ground-breaking research via the Property Council of Australia’s website.