Urbis is leading the planning, urban design and landscape elements of this 49-hectare residential development, integrating design characteristics from ‘old Guildford’ while giving the estate its own unique and authentic flavour. 
Rosehill Waters in South Guildford, Perth, is being developed on a former golf course, and will take advantage of the site’s lines of mature trees, a number of its existing character buildings and gardens, and its undulating landscape on the Helena River. It will accommodate 800 dwellings and a neighbourhood centre. 
Urbis was commissioned by Handle Property Group and Habitat Development Group, and undertook a detailed site analysis. Urbis addressed strong public opinion through community consultation, and dealt with aircraft noise from Perth Airport using design and construction initiatives. 
Urbis’ collaborative design approach for Rosehill Waters will fashion a distinctive new community, imprinted with the pattern of the surrounding suburb’s broad, tree-lined avenues and narrower minor streets.

Rosehill Waters has become the first private development in Western Australia to be awarded a six-leaf accreditation under Urban Institute of Australia’s (UDIA) EnviroDevelopment system.

Rosehill Waters will be a distinctive new community imprinted with the patterns of the surrounding neighbourhood.