Stijn is an urban designer with over 15 years of experience in both Urban Planning and Urban Design. Stijn has significant experience in both fields, beginning his professional career as a planner for a highly regarded planning and architecture firm in Rotterdam. Since 2005, his career has focused on Urban Design, working for firms in both Mauritius and China.

Stijn has been with Urbis since 2008 and is specialised in residential greenfield and infill, as well as industrial development projects.

Stijn’s urban design background, combined with his high-level knowledge of urban planning, provides a valuable basis for concept development and detailed urban design work.

He has particularly strong experience in the preparation of concept planning in response to physical and statutory constraints and developing design solutions which are both imaginative and functional.

Every location has its own fingerprint: a collection of traits which makes each place unique. I am passionate making use of those features to create a place of deeper meaning. No copy and paste, but tailor made for each new situation.