Urbis in partnership with Woods Bagot were engaged to provide a fresh design perspective on the master plan for a new 10-hectare parkland situated on the northern extent of the CBD.

The central parkland provides connection to the wider Priority Development Area, adjoining Mill, Foundry and Gasworks sites via a network of pathways and crossings of the Gowrie Creek.

The clever landscape and architectural design takes its inspiration from the heritage rail function and character of the site. The idea proposes a linear parkland with activated architectural follies that move along reused and laid heritage rail tracks.

The stock sits in a landscape background and can roll in and out of the heritage Goods Shed, creating a curated and dynamic experience. The design is simple, eligible and connected to its broader context.

The Urbis and Woods Bagot’s master plan was endorsed by Council and is currently awaiting funding for delivery.

Toowoomba Regional Council endorsed the Urbis Railyard Parkland Master Plan in late 2018. The design builds on the heritage fabric of the place delivering an authentic open space experience unique for the region and city.