Alison is a leading expert in transport planning, creating better urban places, client outcomes, and helping transport support the lives people want to lead. She’s had more than 20 years’ experience including senior roles at major organisations including Urbis, GHD, Booz & Company and City of Melbourne, working on major projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Alison is known for making transport planning exciting, simple and accessible. She uses research, data and best practice to provide impactful advice that clients can act on.

She is a subject matter expert and published author on the economics of great urban spaces and transport, including the economic benefits of cycling and using streets for different purposes. She researches and comments on large-scale travel behaviour change projects and sustainable transport planning and reporting, including new transport infrastructure and travel strategies for new developments and areas.


  • Contribution of Different Modes of Transport to Central City Recovery, City of Melbourne
  • Deakin University Green Travel Plan
  • G21 Integrated Transport Strategy
  • Green Travel Planning and Traffic Advice for Various Schools in Diocese of Broken Bay
  • Evaluation of Streets as Shared Spaces (Round 2) and Open Streets programs
  • Central Hobart Movement Analysis, City of Hobart
  • Exploring City Bus Options, City of Hobart
  • Program evaluation for Extended Outdoor Dining Program (including parklets), Cities of Melbourne, Stonnington and Yarra
  • Electric Vehicle Ready Development- Policy Reform, ACT Government

Creating great urban places, where people can safely and comfortably get about regardless of age or ability creates successful cities.