Alison Lee is a highly experienced transport planner with a background in projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Alison has a masters level degree in Urban Planning and has specialised as a transport planner over her 18-year career. She loves helping clients unlock improved outcomes for their constituents and creating better urban places.

Alison excels in multi-disciplinary environments working alongside designers, planners and engineers on complex projects, strategic transport plans and transport studies/research.

Alison’s research on the economic benefits of cycling has been widely published and cited in publications including Austroads Guidelines, Bicycle Network guidelines, the Australian Planner (journal) and urban planning publications including the Atlantic Magazine’s CityLab.

Alison is a passionate advocate for public and active transport as a key building block of urban environments and is a supporter of great cites and successful places.


  • Prioritising On-Road Public Transport, Austroads
  • State Highway 1 (Taupo to Waiuru) Programme Business Case, New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Macquarie University Bus Interchange, Transport for NSW
  • Design feasibility studies for cycling network gaps, Transport for Canberra
  • Walking Plan, City of Melbourne
  • Woollahra Integrated Transport Strategy, Woollahra Municipal Council
  • Wollondilly Active Transport Strategy, Wollondilly Shire Council
  • Review of crash causes and trends on separated cycleways, City of Melbourne

Creating great urban places, where people can safely and comfortably get about regardless of age or ability creates successful cities.