The ACT Government has committed to becoming a zero-net emission territory by 2045. Without significantly increased Electric Vehicle (EV) roll-out, it will be impossible for the ACT to meet its zero-net emission target. In 20 years, all new passenger vehicles will be EVs in Australia (Bloomberg, 2021), however, breaking down the barriers to EV ownership is critical and one of the key barriers is effective charging infrastructure for people who live in multi-unit developments.

This project outlined a planning reform process for the ACT Government, which revolves around requirements for EV-Ready parking in multi-residential development, commercial development and incentive schemes to retrofit existing developments.

Importantly, it quantified the costs associated with EV-ready infrastructure in new developments and the higher costs associated with retrofitting. The project also outlined the benefits associated with the planning reform, including –

  • Property Value Uplift
  • Cost Savings over the average lifetime use of EVs for users
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Benefits to consumers, property owners and the community of being EV Ready include – cost savings drivers, value uplift for property owners and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.