Alistair Towers is a specialist in geographical information systems (GIS).

Alistair draws on more than twenty years of experience in GIS technology to map intricate interactions in ways that be easily understood. His work covers spatial data creation, analysis and presentation cartography – and helps to uncover insights for his clients that are hidden within complex patterns of data. He has used GIS to locate ideal developer sites for the likes of Hamilton, TFSL, Frasers, RCorp and Lort Smith Animal Hospital. He also manages a team that delivers high-end mapping services and cartography, most recently for Westfield, Mirvac, Vicinity and Westpac bank.

Before joining Urbis in 2008, Alistair worked for an aerial imagery company and a prominent GIS software manufacturer. He holds an Advanced Degree in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Edinburgh.

My work at Urbis focuses on distilling insight from complex spatial data. I help clients to understand the spatial patterns and trends that impact their business and help inform their future business needs.