16 Jul 2020

Pre COVID-19 Western Sydney was earmarked as vital for supporting a polycentric Sydney and an increasing population. These plans, and continuing the momentum for growth in Western Sydney could now also be key to economic recovery in the area.

We agree with Executive Director of the Western Sydney Business Chamber, David Borger’s view that there is no silver bullet for recovery, but “smart local investments in infrastructure and reforms to our planning and tax systems” is the first step.

The following are projects our Western Sydney team believe will bring the greatest benefits to the area. 

Sydney Metro West

Not since the first railway was built in NSW from Sydney to Granville in 1855 has Sydney seen a more significant urban rail project than Sydney West Metro. The project will double the existing rail capacity between the Parramatta and Sydney CBDs, and provide more efficient access.

The project will support transit-oriented renewal and enhanced place making in residential and employment areas along the corridor, and improved transport for the additional 420,000 new residents and 300,000 new workers forecast to be located within the corridor over the next 20 years.

– Sebastian Aguilar, Assistant Planner & Florence Nunu, Valuer, Real Estate Advisory

Nancy Bird Walton Airport

Nancy Bird Walton Airport has already had a massive impact on Western Sydney even before it has opened.  It has stimulated so much land use planning and linear infrastructure.

Bruce Colman , Director, Planning

Western Sydney University/Western Growth Strategy

Western Growth is a large-scale transformative program led by Western Sydney University (WSU), to provide the highest quality learning opportunities and world-class research expertise in the area.

As Western Sydney advances, WSU is transforming its delivery model to improve access to higher education by reshaping its campus network.

Under the Western Growth strategy, WSU is establishing a network of traditional campuses and new vertical campuses in major and emerging centres of Western Sydney. Integral to this transformation is the role of the university in collaborating and partnering to create innovation precincts.

– Murray Donaldson, Director, Planning

Sydney to Melbourne high speed rail connection

The opportunities to economically connect Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne via an alternate mode of travel has the potential to be tremendously beneficial. It would open up other liveability opportunities for towns and rural area between and it could also free up the existing heavy rail route for freight opportunities.

Adrian Villella, Associate Director, Planning 

The Northern Road Upgrade

Western Sydney needs more north/south arterial roads to better connect centres and communities. The Northern Road Upgrade between the M4 and Narellan will provide much needed improvements to support the development of the South West Growth Area and the Nancy Bird Walton Airport.

– Russell McKinnon, Director, Real Estate Advisory

Special activation precincts & COVID-19 inspired regional growth

The NSW Government’s Special Activation Precincts at Parkes, Wagga Wagga, Snowy Mountains, Moree and Williamstown are part of a plan to ensure Regional NSW is well placed to grow and meet future economic needs across a range of industries.

Our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic has demonstrated that many people have the ability to work remotely.  It will be interesting to see if regional areas will see a revival with people wanting to leave Sydney and take up new growth opportunities in regional centres.

–  Grace MacDonald, Consultant, Planning

Western Sydney Freight Line

Container freight movements are increasing throughout Western Sydney, with a large majority of imported containers arriving at Port Botany consumed within 40km of the Port.

The delivery of a dedicated freight line will help drive the initiative to increase the amount of freight carried on rail and assist in supporting the impending increase in freight movement through Western Sydney.

– Nello Olivieri, Senior Valuer, Real Estate Advisory

Build to Rent housing

Housing the future Western Sydney population will be a big task. Build-to-rent housing will provide a new secure rental housing alternative for the region, which is centred on increased flexibility in rental tenure, amenity-led services and facilities and greater lifestyle options.

– Nazia Pokar, Senior Consultant, Planning

Bankwest Stadium

Bankwest Stadium has provided a new precinct within Western Sydney, drawing over 500,000 people for events in 2019, including a number of high profile athletes and performers. 

It has created a new attraction for Western Sydney to bring both local, national and international guests, making it a significant draw card for further tourism, hospitality and food and beverage based development, including the newly regenerated Eat Street.   

– Chehade Sakr, Associate Director, Real Estate Advisory

Parramatta Square

The Parramatta that existed in 2010 is almost unrecognisable as a result of the Parramatta Square development. The rapidly emerging Parramatta Square will accommodate approximately 23,500 employees within government and private sectors, a new civic, cultural and community building for City of Parramatta, the Western Sydney University Peter Shergold Building, and 6,000 sqm of public open space.

– Natalie Yasmine, Assistant Planner

Parramatta Civic Link

The Parramatta Civic Link is a key element of the future public domain of Parramatta CBD.  It will act as a catalyst as new developments along the link will benefit from improved connectivity to support the growth of Parramatta as Sydney’s second CBD.

– Andrew Lee, Assistant Planner

Powerhouse Parramatta 

Powerhouse Parramatta will be one of the largest cultural investments in Western Sydney. It creates the potential for a significant cultural transformation. The development is hoped to create opportunities to make further arts and cultural contributions in Parramatta.  

Jennifer Hua, Assistant Valuer, Real Estate Advisory

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