Chehade has over 7 years of development and valuation experience, predominantly within the mixed-use and residential development space and more recently in the emergence of specialised residential, particularly ‘build & hold’ apartments. 

His experience in development feasibility ranges from small townhouse projects to large-scale multi-staged mixed-use projects for a variety of purposes. With his in-depth market knowledge of the Sydney metropolitan region, Chehade’s opinion on development feasibility is often sought by a loyal following of mid-tier to institutional developers.

With his strong analytical skills, Chehade is able to assess both development scenarios and specialised residential properties in an “outside the box” manner to understand and succinctly explain project-specific considerations. This ability, combined with his valuation modelling skills through the use of Estate Master, Forbury and self-created Excel models, allow him to provide bespoke consultancy advise on a variety of property based matters.

With an outside of the box approach, I provide a unique view for my clients for both residential and mixed use development and specialised residential properties.