12 Nov 2018

Australia’s rising population is a hotly debated topic. Specifically, the challenge of accommodating more and more people with suitable infrastructure, amenity and housing.

How can Australia support population growth and immigration, and also support social inclusion and economic viability?

Recently, Group Director Design James Tuma spoke to James Daggar-Nickson of Sky’s Your Money about our growing nation, and in particular, migration and infrastructure pressures.

James suggested that the wider challenge is in changing the perception of the impacts of population growth. The fact is, as detailed in Creating Great Australian Cities, our cities remain some of the lowest density cities in the world; we have room to grow.

James said, “Change is difficult. Population growth and the pressures associated are very real. But ironically, there is a perspective to say that the additional population growth and therefore additional housing and development, and subsequent taxation base, is quite helpful in delivering major infrastructure projects.”

Through careful planning and delivery of supportive communities and cities, we can find solutions for our expanding nation.

James explained that “there are many ways to accommodate additional population, but it is dependent on a whole range of things,” including: arts and culture facilities; employment opportunities; health and education; as well as access to a diverse housing market.

Lastly, James highlighted the importance of “supporting it all with excellent public transport, tying people’s homes to areas of employment or education.”

Click below to watch the full interview.