Dr Caroline Tomiczek has over 15 years of research and policy-development experience. She is highly skilled in the design and oversight of complex and challenging social research projects, including social marketing research, program and policy evaluation, stakeholder research, and service evaluations. Caroline is particularly interested in finding ways to effectively convey complex research results to clients and stakeholders.   

Her experience as a health researcher has led her to work extensively with Commonwealth and state government departments. She is especially interested in the way in which research and evaluation can lead to improvements in clinical outcomes (and reduced hospital admissions) for vulnerable community. 

Caroline is committed to using her knowledge of public health and behaviour change to contribute to the creation of liveable, thriving Australian cities and communities. During her time at Urbis, she has brought a ‘public health lens’ to city and precinct planning, transport planning, and infrastructure planning.

Project highlights: 

  • Development of the NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy for NSW Ministry of Health
  • Evaluation of the NSW Cancer Plan for Cancer Institute NSW
  • Evaluation of the Travel Choices Station Link Program for Transport for NSW
  • Evaluation of the Housing Acceleration Fund for NSW Department of Planning.
  • Evaluation of the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program for NSW Department of Planning 

I help people make well-informed decisions about policies, programs and projects by putting the best available evidence from research at the centre of policy development and implementation.