28 Mar 2024

Our new product empowering shopping centre owners and managers to plan with confidence and drive performance.

The Urbis Peer Group Shopping Centre Benchmarks provide an inside look into real-world sales and leasing data, enabling truly data-driven strategic planning.

Urbis Benchmarks have been a trusted source of market intelligence to the Shopping Centre industry for over 30 years. The Peer Group Shopping Centre Benchmarks leverage this data to give you easy-to-digest, hyper-relevant information enabling you to compare the performance of your centre at the tenant type level with a custom benchmark of centres either of a similar scale, performance or those that are located in similar markets.

The Peer Group Shopping Centre Benchmarks help you:

  • Compare centre performance with a hyper-relevant group of assets
  • Drive leasing outcomes using real-world market intelligence
  • Optimise category mix and performance
  • Support your tenants with critical insights


What do the Urbis Peer Group Shopping Centre Benchmarks include?

The Urbis Peer Group Shopping Centre Benchmarks provide a custom benchmark report in PDF format, specifically tailored to your shopping centre.

Define your custom benchmark

We work with you to establish a custom benchmark that is appropriate for your centre, allowing you to draw comparisons from only the most relevant data. The example below provides a breakdown of how we create a relevant benchmark for you.

See how your centre compares to the custom benchmark with detailed metrics.

The report includes number of stores per category, area per square metre, MAT, ATL, annual rents, and OCR ratios. The example below is indicative of the information included.

*Example based on randomly generated data

Identify your capacity to increase rents across each shopping centre category.

A detailed look at how your centre performs against the customised Peer Benchmark equips you with the evidence you need to make tenancy decisions with confidence.

*Example based on randomly generated data

If you want to discuss how this product might suit your needs, please email benchmarks@urbis.com.au or get in touch with our team.

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