The West End precinct is located between Tudor Street and Union Street and is the western gateway into Newcastle city centre. The West End Public Domain Stage 1 is the key public open space within the West End Precinct.

The Public Domain Stage 1 study area includes a mixture of parkland, being Birdwood Park and little Birdwood Park, and surrounding streetscape improvements of King Street, Parry Street and adjoining slip roads and access streets surrounding these.

The vision for this public domain plan will be about creating connectivity, legibility and spaces for the community, residential, business and visitors, to enjoy.

A re-imagined Birdwood and Little Birdwood Park will bring greater vibrancy to the precinct and support the surrounding developments, existing businesses and residential community. The parks will showcase and be embedded with smart technology elements to create a premier Smart City Park for the City Centre. The improved wayfinding and tree lined streetscape through the precinct will facilitate connectivity between the key nodes and help make the West End precinct a walkable area.