The OSARS (Outer Suburban Arterial Roads) Western Package project is Victoria’s largest ever roads upgrade. The multibillion dollar upgrade will fix some of Melbourne’s most congested roads and create more than 1200 local jobs. 

Urbis prepared the Urban Design and Landscape Architectural response for Netflow consortium’s winning bid for the project. It will deliver a major overhaul of eight arterial routes in Melbourne’s west, plus ongoing maintenance, rehabilitation and asset management on 260 km of local roads.

We created a series of street and landscape node typologies using the VicRoads Movement and Place methodology.  For each road, we carefully considered the future development potential and natural landscape features.

Based on these typologies, we produced streetscape concept designs that establish distinctive local characters, satisfy the needs of current and anticipated future land uses, take ongoing maintenance into consideration, and significantly increase tree canopy coverage. We also worked together with Grimshaw architects to create landscape settings which complement their designs for new and upgraded bridges.

This project demonstrates our capabilities to plan for future streetscapes on a large scale, and as part of a much larger, multi-disciplinary team with a long-term vision.

Our streetscape strategy and concept designs will provide the green spines around which Melbourne’s Western suburbs can grow and flourish