Through a joint initiative between Logan City Council and State Government, Urbis developed a master plan for the revitalisation of the Underwood Park Sports Precinct and the development of a number of new facilities for the site.

The master plan was completed in consultation with a number of local community groups, including the Rochedale Rovers Football Club, Underwood Netball Club, BMX Club and RATS Mountain Bike Club, as well as the future addition of the Meals on Wheels facility.

With construction due to be completed by early 2020, and the requirement to not interfere with the season of play, meant that this project was completed within a compressed timeframe and at a very rapid pace.

The purpose of the master plan was to provide overall intent and guidance for the D&C contractor, who would further develop facilities through a schematic design phase.

As part of the commission, and through consultation with the key sporting groups, the process included the development of a list of functional requirements for each group that led to an agreed facilities brief for the new built facilities. Functional arrangement diagrams were developed as were high level room data sheets to assist the D&C contractors through the development of detailed buildings designs.