Urbis’ collaborative work on the renewal of Telopea demonstrates the firm’s multidisciplinary expertise across design, economics, heritage and planning in formulating innovative revitalisation strategies that will shape a vibrant neighbourhood in proximity to Parramatta’s growing city centre.

As part of the preferred network alignment of Parramatta Light Rail, NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) have partnered with City of Parramatta Council (PCC) to plan for a sustainable and feasible renewal outcome for Telopea.

Urbis has developed a draft masterplan that guides the transition of Telopea, with focus on a diverse housing provision, revitalised public domain, improved community facilities and maximised accessibility. The new light rail precinct along with the pedestrian civic plaza and the revitalised Sturt Park will form an exciting urban landscape, unique to Telopea.

The renewal outcome of Telopea, as expressed in the master plan, will foster the long term growth of a vibrant, cohesive and safe neighbourhood.

Through urban renewal, Telopea will become an active and attractive neighbourhood, characterised by its inclusive community with shared civic spaces and diverse housing choices.